About Firm Footing Movement

Firm Footing provides embodiment and movement workshops for small groups in south London. While workshops are not therapy, they are informed by the client-led approach of Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Sessions are focused on wellbeing with themes around healthy emotional self sufficiency as well as relational support. There is a basic structure and set focus for each workshop, however groups organically develop through participant interactions. Each workshop has a clear beginning, middle and end, with time allowed for individual reflective thought as well as group discussion.

The sessions are not dance classes and there is very little, if any, 'follow my lead' movement instruction. Instead, movement is encouraged through a variety of facilitated processes. This can involve encouraging silly play, internal focused exploration, noticing felt sensations (such as tension, nerves, relaxation), and/or use of sensory items such as props. The heart of the workshops is to be in the moment and take a break from what might sometimes feel like the hamster wheel in our minds!

About Katherine

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Katherine Rothman RDMP is a trained dancer and Dance Movement Psychotherapist. She strongly believes in tuning in to understand the subtle emotional signals and tiny gut responses we might struggle to pick up on which may be having an impact on work, social, and private lives. Taking some time to breathe and (re)find our internal strength and footing is often the motivation behind her work with others.