Wellbeing Workshops and Groups

From a motivation of wanting to bring embodied wellness to a wider audience, I am building a programme of holistic therapeutic work. While not therapy, the workshops and groups are informed by my practice as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. The focus is on tuning back into the body and how it communicates with us, (re)finding play, and allowing time for rest and relaxation. 



10:30 - 11:30 (ages 6 weeks - 8 months)
11:45 - 12:45 (ages 8 - 18 months)

This group is a welcoming space for mums to connect with each other and their babies, providing the opportunity to stretch, breathe, and move together. 

Movement is our first language. As babies it is how we explore the world, develop our relationships with our parents and families, and how we express our emotions. During these sessions, you will be facilitated through a dancing dialogue with your child, connecting to your own instincts as you and baby continue to strengthen your bond. 

In sessions, we explore:

  • creative movement activities for you and baby 
  • Paying attention to how babies communicate through movement
  • movement themes based on developmental patterns
  • giving you some time and space as a mum to rest and breathe

Groups run in six-week blocks, and are bookable on Eventbrite. 

“I really enjoyed the session.

It offered something different 
and less overwhelming. 
I’d got so used to baby groups over-stimulating me and baby that it was nice to adjust back to 
a more human pace!”
— Participant

Local hypnobirthing and baby massage course provider Baby Bumps is offering 10% off to all Firm Footing Mum and Baby Movement Group members who would like to attend a course.  You can find further details of courses here, or contact them at jackie@baby-bumps.net